Aquarius Full Moon: Unplug from the Matrix and Take A Quantum Leap

aquarius full moon“So long as you follow the herd, you will only be led to the slaughterhouse.… If you feel that you don’t belong in this world, it’s because you are here to create a new one.” – Ralph Smart

The Aquarius Full Moon, peaking Monday, August 3rd (11:58am eastern), inspires revelation, awakening and liberation. The Full Moon squares revolutionary Uranus, supporting you to break free from the matrix of fear and limitation, and quantum leap into a higher level of reality.

Uranus is the Trickster, the wild card, the planet of reversals and “expect the unexpected.” Uranian energy can feel chaotic, and you can best navigate this wild ride of a Full Moon by surrendering to the flow of life, moment by moment, trusting that divine order IS unfolding, even if you can’t see it right now.

This Full Moon can stir up the fear of being rejected by society, by friends and community, if you reveal the truth of who you are and what you believe. Aquarius is the alien and outsider, and when operating in fear, can conform to herd mentality in order to fit in and be accepted – or, can go in the opposite direction and completely detach, resulting in feelings of isolation.

The higher potential of this Leo-Aquarius activation is to be strongly centered in the truth of your heart and know yourself as an expression of divine light (Leo), which gives you the confidence to share your unique genius with the world, to take the risk of seeming weird or unconventional (Aquarius).

full moon aquariusAt the Full Moon, Mercury, planet of the mind, precisely opposes Saturn. The low-vibe expression of this aspect can show up as negative, fearful thinking and a limited perception of what’s possible – all of which is widely available in the culture right now, but can really put a damper on the quantum leap potential of this Full Moon!

The higher expression of Mercury-Saturn is to divest your thoughts from the fear-based, humanity-oppressing, earth-destroying systems that are currently collapsing and instead utilize the power of your attention to invest in the new world you want to create.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 11 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life represented by this house are where you’re invited to:

  • get a big-picture perspective and clarify your future vision;
  • liberate your creative genius, speak your truth, and share your unique gifts;
  • take steps toward experiencing greater freedom;
  • feel and move through any fears about not being accepted or loved for who you are.


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Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse: Break through Illusion, Expand into Truth

sagittarius lunar eclipseThe first of three high-pressure, emotionally-charged Eclipses peaks on June 5th – a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

Eclipses bring to the surface feelings that have been submerged in the subconscious, and information that has been hidden in the dark. Sagittarius is the fiery sign of TRUTH, and this Eclipse is especially potent for breaking free from illusion and bringing truth to light.

An extra-powerful Full Moon, this Eclipse catalyzes the death of old, fear-based beliefs and stories that maintain the top-down/power-over control system. Our assignment is divest our life force from the systems that are falling apart and start investing in the new reality we want to create.

Mars and Neptune in Pisces square the Eclipse, activating the Spiritual Warrior. Instead of engaging in fighting or further polarization, we can rise to a whole different level. When we turn our awareness toward the larger field of consciousness, we tap into the power of Source. By changing our thoughts and our frequency, we change the reality that’s manifesting.

To get more insight into what this Full Moon Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 15 degrees of Sagittarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where significant events are coming to culmination or completion, and where you’re called to:


  • break through the illusion of fear-based stories and beliefs;
  • reconnect with inspiration and enthusiasm and open to a more positive future;
  • strengthen faith in your own spiritual authority and inner guidance;
  • acknowledge the truth of your feelings and clear the emotional backlog in order to experience greater freedom.

Gemini Full Moon: Momentum and Mutability

Gemini Full Moon: December 12, 2019, 12:12am Eastern


The Gemini Full Moon reveals adjustments you can make – in your thought patterns, everyday environment and communications – to support you in manifesting your big dreams.

There is a lot of momentum right now, plenty of cosmic support for taking the initiative and making tangible progress toward long-term goals. This Full Moon illuminates the workings of your mind, and helps you shapeshift your perceptions and stories so you can more effectively utilize the available momentum and step through the doors that have opened.


The Full Moon squares dreamy Neptune, bringing the potential for getting thrown off-course by distraction, confusion, overwhelm and insecurity. Instead, take a break from holiday busyness and media-inundation to slow down and connect more deeply with Source – through meditation, dance, music, art or whatever helps you drop into a state of timelessness.

Venus is sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto at the Full Moon, and relationships, finances and creative projects are highlighted as make-it-or-break-it arenas for transformation. These are also arenas that could benefit from getting a new perspective or telling a different story.

This Full Moon marks our entry into Eclipse Season – a 6-week, high-pressure period of accelerated growth and change. The upcoming Eclipse Season is especially intense as it features and catalyzes the game-changing Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

You can work with the mutable, shapeshifting energies of this Full Moon to help prepare for the mega-changes ahead.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 19 degrees Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:

  • free your mind from self-defeating thought patterns;
  • open to new, more expansive perspectives;
  • release and rewrite the attitudes and stories that undermine your power;
  • make changes in your everyday life to align with your deepest wisdom and support you to manifest your goals.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Taurus Full Moon: Earth Magic and Transformational Insight

Taurus Full Moon: November 12, 2019, 8:34am Eastern


The lunar cycle that started with the uber-intense Scorpio New Moon peaks at the Taurus Full Moon – a time of culmination, fruition, healing and revelation. The Full Moon’s auspicious alignments with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces point to the potential for manifesting your dreams.

The Moon is exalted in earthy, sensual Taurus, helping you feel into and direct your attention toward what’s beautiful and abundant in your life, and express gratitude for all you have. This is a powerful Full Moon for deepening your connection with and giving love to your body and the Earth.


The Full Moon is always a time of revelation, but this one is especially potent as it coincides with the rare transit of Mercury, which occurs on the numerologically significant November 11th. 11 is considered a “master number” and the date 11/11 is thought to open a portal to higher consciousness.

Mercury always meets up with the Sun at the halfway point of a Mercury retrograde cycle. At a Mercury transit, their alignment is so precise – from our earthly perspective, similar to an Eclipse – that Mercury appears as a black dot moving across the face of the Sun. (If you got to see the Venus transit in 2012, it will look something like that.)

There are only 13 Mercury transits in this entire century! This rare alignment can accelerate and amplify connection with your own heart, others’ hearts, the “heart of the matter,” and the heart of the Cosmos/Great Mystery itself – all represented by the Sun.

This potent Mercury-Sun conjunction plants a seed for new ways of thinking, connecting and communicating. Important information may be revealed, prompting a significant turning point in your life.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio (October 31-November 20), is on a hunt for the life force. On and near 11/11 you’ll have opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of what really turns you on, what you’re passionate about, what brings you alive, and what you’re committed to at an emotional/root level.

Take time around the Taurus Full Moon to be in nature, meditate, tune into your body, pray, and make magic, art and love. Taurus is ruled by Venus, Goddess of love, pleasure, beauty and the erotic.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 19 degrees Taurus. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:

  • slow down and tune into your body’s guidance and wisdom;
  • let go of what no longer feels nourishing or aligned with your values;
  • heal wounds around self-love and self-worth;
  • come out of “survival mode” and open to receiving more support;
  • take steps to create more pleasure, beauty and love.

Events from the past may also come to fruition or completion in these areas.

It’s also useful to pay attention to the house opposite the Full Moon – the house activated by the Mercury transit. The areas represented by that house are where transformational information may be coming to light.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Aries Full Moon: Release and Resurrection

Aries Full Moon: October 13, 2019, 5:08pm Eastern


The Full Moon in Aries is the peak of the transformational lunar cycle that started with the Libra Super New Moon on September 28th. Relationships are under a lot of pressure, and it is intense!!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, raw life force, the fiery spark of Eros that catalyzes new beginnings. The Full Moon in Aries highlights themes of identity and desire.

Who are you and what do you want? What is ALIVE for you, what excites you to move forward and what is worth investing in for the long term?

The Sun and Moon precisely square Pluto, Underworld God/dess, and secrets and suppressed feelings are erupting into the light. Pluto is the principle of death and rebirth, transformation and resurrection.

We’re called to release old ideas of who we “should” be, who we used to be, and what we used to want. To let go of what no longer feels aligned with our true self, uncover more of our present-time authenticity and stand in the authority of who we know ourselves to be now.

What needs to be felt, healed, released, surrendered, transformed in the fires of Pluto’s cauldron in order to liberate more of your FIRE? Where are you stifling or suppressing your passion, individuality and creativity because you’re following someone else’s rules?

If you’ve been hiding your truth, your desires, in order to please others and keep the peace, this Full Moon will interrupt your regularly scheduled programming and recharge relationships that have become stagnant and stale.

It’s time to feel the depths and darkness, reveal your secrets, lay your cards on the table, and discern what’s truly in alignment moving forward.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find find the house in your chart that contains 20 degrees Aries. The areas of life represented by that house are where:

  • events from the past, including karmic past, are coming to fruition, completion or culmination;
  • fiery feelings, desires, passions are rising to the surface to help you clarify your goals and recharge your life force;
  • you’re being called to activate your Spiritual Warrior and take committed action in integrity with your deeper values and purpose.

Word to the wise! As of October 11th, Mercury has entered its retrograde shadow, i.e., we’re starting to feel the influence of the actual retrograde – October 31-November 20. In the pre-retro shadow, we’re getting a preview of the themes we’ll be working with, what we will need to review and redo.

Because of its retrograde, Mercury will be in Scorpio for an extra-long time (Oct 3-December 9), focusing our attention – and our reviewing and redoing – on the Scorpionic realms of sexuality, intimacy, business partnerships and shared finances.

At the Full Moon, Mercury forms a powerful Grand Trine with Neptune in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer, offering support for open-hearted, vulnerable and transformational conversations and connections. As this Plutonian Full Moon urges us to reveal our secrets and speak our truth, the watery Grand Trine brings in the essential ingredients of compassion and softness.

– Emily Trinkaus

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