Virgo Super New Moon: Momentum for Manifestation and the Power of Your Attention

virgo new moonAmidst raging fires, smoky skies, toxic air and world insanity of many flavors, Thursday’s Super New Moon in Virgo (September 17, 7:00am eastern) calls you back to your body, your here-and-now reality, and the power of your sacred attention.

Ruled by Mercury the Magician, the Virgo New Moon is a time to harness the power of your thoughts and words to change your reality. This is the best New Moon of the year for new beginnings in health, healing, work and service.

This will be the first of three consecutive Super New Moons – when the New Moon coincides with the Moon’s perigee, its closest proximity to Earth. There’s a stronger magnetic pull on the Earth, and on our bodies, intensifying the effects of this lunation.

The New Moon is also super-charged by its precise trine – 120-degree angle of harmony and support – with Saturn in Capricorn. Small steps and minor adjustments add up to major long-term consequences. This New Moon brings a lot of TRACTION to whatever you focus on and invest in, so this is a time to be extra-intentional when it comes to how you’re directing your attention.

For more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 25 degrees of Virgo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:

  • reclaim your sovereignty;
  • make a new beginning in health, healing and wholeness;
  • perfect your skills;
  • simplify, organize and increase your efficiency and productivity;
  • and release judgment and accept the perfection of what is.


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Leo New Moon: The Evolutionary Power of Your Heart

leo new moonTonight’s New Moon in Leo (August 18th, 10:42pm eastern), challenges you to have the courage to be yourself, shine your light and follow the truth of your heart.

In the bigger context of this time – the fast track to the Age of Aquarius – cultivating and expressing the Leo part of ourselves is crucial for calling in the highest potential future.

Leo is the sign opposite Aquarius, and without Leo – the heart, LOVE, our divine light, our individuality and creativity – we get the dystopian version of the Age of Aquarius.

Dystopian Aquarius looks like: the merging of humans and AI, a world dominated by machines, the suppression (masking) of individuality, herd mentality, social engineering and social control… (Sound familiar?)

The sole determinant of which version of the Age of Aquarius we move into – totalitarian surveillance state or the mass awakening and liberation of humanity – is consciousness. How do we evolve into higher consciousness? Through the heart, the most powerful organ of the body and the true center of human perception.

The heart connects us with the universal field of intelligence, the knowing that we are all one. Unless our brains and nervous system (Aquarius) are connected with the heart (Leo), we can’t perceive our interconnectedness.

FEAR, the primary tool of the control system, shuts down the heart, and we fall under the spell of the separate self. Gratitude, appreciation and love bring us back into our hearts, where we remember the truth that we are all one, and then send that frequency of oneness into the collective field.

At this Leo New Moon, our assignment is to drop into our heart’s wisdom and take action based on that truth. To counter the forces of oppression, we’re called to shine our light, commit to our passion and joy, and know ourselves as divine beings with the power to create “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein).

For more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 26 degrees of Leo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:

  • clarify your heart’s true desires;
  • commit to your passion and creativity;
  • strengthen self-love and self-approval;
  • plant a seed for amplifying your creative light.


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Karmic Clearing and Radical Rebirth – Solstice Solar Eclipse in Cancer

solar eclipse cancerThe Cancer Solar Eclipse (June 21, 2:41am eastern) is an extra-powerful New Moon, signifying a major new beginning – one that may require an equally dramatic ending. A Solar Eclipse plants seeds that will grow over the next six months and even 19 years.

The power of this Eclipse is amplified by its occurrence just hours after Solstice, and by its activation of the very first degree of Cancer. We have the opportunity for a clean slate, a radical reset, in all Cancer-ruled arenas – home, family, roots, ancestors, intimate relationships, our inner and outer foundation of support.

The waters of Cancer call us deep into our hearts, feelings and instincts to recreate the world from the inside out.

At Eclipses and Solstices, the veil is thin and we can receive major cosmic downloads and energetic upgrades, thereby resetting the light of consciousness and changing our life’s trajectory. Take time for meditation, reflection, communion with nature – whatever helps you feel peaceful, grounded and receptive.

The collective field – the energetic blueprint that determines the course of humanity – is also very impressionable right now, and this is a powerful time to seed that field with intentions of love, compassion, connection, safety and trust.

While we’ve been conditioned to believe that we have very little power as individuals, there is A LOT we can do on the personal level, and in fact that’s where we have the most power right now.

As Barbara Hand Clow writes, “Each person who takes microcosmic responsibility for the universal problem by seeing how it originates within is part of the solution to the macrocosmic mass dilemma” (The Liquid Light of Sex).

To get more insight into what this Solar Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 0 degrees of Cancer. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re being called to:

  • listen deeply and act on your instincts and intution;
  • strengthen your foundation of support;
  • release old emotional patterns or attachments;
  • increase your sense of inner security;
  • re-set your emotional compass;
  • and plant a new vision for your future.


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Gemini New Moon – Free Your Mind, Change Your Reality

gemini new moon

New Moon collage by Emily

Today’s Gemini New Moon (May 22, 1:39pm Eastern) sparks fast changes in your environment, relationships and most importantly, your mind. This New Moon is a cosmic wake-up call, a lightning bolt that pierces through the veil of illusion to connect you with your soul’s deepest truth.

Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades and the “Central Sun” around which our solar system rotates, is activated by the New Moon. The doors to higher information are wide open, especially when you unplug from technology and media, spend time in nature, and quiet your mind and nervous system.

This is a lunar cycle for gathering information, making connections and reconnections, building alliances, and sharing your understanding of the present and dreams for the future. The Sun and Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius, helping you see the bigger picture and harness your thoughts toward building a positive future.

This New Moon is the gateway into Eclipse season – a high-pressure period of accelerated growth and change, in effect until July 20th. You can work with the Gemini New Moon to reset your mind and get into the right headspace to successfully surf the tides of the three upcoming Eclipses.

To get more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 2 degrees of Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re being called to:

  • deepen your sense of belonging and connection (first within yourself);
  • listen to the voice of your soul;
  • open your mind to new ideas, perspectives and possibilities;
  • improve communication skills (especially when it comes to listening);
  • learn something new, or revisit a subject you used to love.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Scorpio New Moon: Revelation and Regeneration

Scorpio New Moon: October 27, 2019, 11:38pm Eastern


The Scorpio New Moon is a major wake-up call, sparking a transformational new beginning.

The pressure is on to get off the fence and commit to a course of action that honors your root truth – your feelings, desires and instincts. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and the decisions you make now are likely to solidify for the long term.

The Sun and Moon precisely oppose Uranus the Great Awakener – planet of revolution, liberation, acceleration, sudden change, and “expect the unexpected.” This is a New Moon when feelings erupt, the truth comes out and secrets are revealed. Revelations result in making an unexpected shift in your life direction.

Ultimately, this Uranian New Moon wants you to break free from what no longer serves you and take your life to a higher level.

While things can seem very complicated, chaotic and crazy-making, you can come back to the simple discernment of what brings you alive, and what drains you.

The challenge is to trust life, trust what’s alive for you and where it wants to take you – which is likely someplace you’ve never been, i.e., the UNKNOWN. Scorpio is the Edgewalker and this lunar cycle calls you out of your comfort zone and into the Mystery.

For more insight into what the Scorpio New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 4 degrees Scorpio. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:

  • shed what you’ve outgrown to make space for a new beginning
  • take the risk of trusting and acting on your instincts
  • uncover the truth of your needs and desires
  • reignite your passion and vitality.​

– Emily Trinkaus

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