Last Quarter Pisces Moon: Surrender Your Stories, Soften into Spirit

pisces moon

collage by Emily

Late Friday night/Saturday morning (June 13, 2:24am Eastern) we enter the Last Quarter phase of the Gemini New Moon cycle that started on May 22nd.

The Last Quarter or Waning Half Moon often marks a significant turning point or crossroads, when we’re both finishing out the current cycle, and preparing for the new one.

This Quarter Moon is more potent and more emotionally charged than usual since it occurs between Eclipses – extra-powerful lunations.

Neptune has played a starring role in this lunar cycle. We’ve been challenged to discern reality from illusion, to disconnect from media and information that generates confusion and fear and plug into a greater source of wisdom and deeper truth.

last quarter pisces chartThe Last Quarter Moon – in Pisces and conjunct both Mars and Neptune – brings these themes to a head. How we close out this cycle depends on our courage (Mars) to face and to FEEL (Moon in Pisces) whatever we’ve been hiding, repressing or escaping from (Neptune).

Neptune and Pisces rule both paradise and prison, and this Moon will show us where we’ve been imprisoned by our outgrown belief systems – wherever we’re making decisions based on “shoulds,” based on conditioned beliefs from family or society rather than from our own inner knowing. It’s time to draw on the power of this Piscean deluge to wash away the old stories and patterns.

OR – if we’ve used this lunar cycle to listen deeply to the voice of Spirit, the voice of our intuition, then we can ride this Piscean tidal wave to a new level of MAGIC, connection with Source, and TRUST in life’s greater unfolding. We can seed the collective unconscious with a new dream of peace, unity and love.

Whatever supports your system to soften and surrender will be helpful over the next few days – being in or near water, getting extra sleep and downtime, communing with nature, music, art, poetry… While sensitivities are running high, it’s especially important to unplug from fear-generating media, and tune into the channels of information that inspire trust and healing.

Purification and Preparation – First Quarter Virgo Moon

virgo moonTonight’s First Quarter Moon in Virgo (May 29, 11:30pm eastern) marks the halfway point between the Gemini New Moon (May 22) and the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse (June 5). A significant turning point in the cycle, the First Quarter or Waxing Half Moon is when the balance shifts from dark to light.

The seeds of intention planted in the fertile darkness of the New Moon are now ready to manifest, and as the energy builds toward the Full Moon, we’re challenged to overcome obstacles to bringing our vision into the light.

The Virgo Moon forms a square to both the Sun and Venus in Gemini, while also opposing Mars in Pisces – forming a pressurized configuration called a t-square (two squares and an opposition). In the mutable signs, this t-square stirs up fast change, feelings of restlessness, and a need to be flexible and adaptable.

In a Gemini lunar cycle strongly characterized by Neptunian energy, it can be easy to be pulled in multiple directions and get distracted and scattered, losing focus. Confusion, illusion and denial are also more shadowy Neptunian potentials. The higher potential is to increase connection and communication with Source, with our deepest soul selves, and use spiritual inspiration as fuel for creating a more loving and beautiful world.

first quarter virgoThe Moon in earthy, discerning Virgo directs our attention to the here-and-now, our body and environment, helping us get grounded and focus in on what’s most important. Virgo is the Priestess who purifies the temple of her body and home in order to become a stronger and clearer channel for spirit (Pisces). Making small improvements at this Quarter Moon can make a big difference – just take care of what’s right in front of you, and then the next thing.

Mercury – ruler of both Gemini and Virgo – has just moved into watery Cancer, the inwardly-focused sign of deep feelings, nurturing, home and family. We can rely on our feelings and instincts to guide us forward, and trust that, as we change our inner environment, we change the world.

With the South Node in Sagittarius, we don’t need to understand the big picture of everything that’s happening “out there” before taking action, and being overly focused on world events can distract us from the power we have in our immediate environment. Use this First Quarter as a time of preparation, purification, refinement and discernment, and remember that all the “little things” we do as individuals add up to major shifts in the collective.

– Emily Trinkaus

A Week of Cosmic Shifts + Last Quarter in Aquarius

last quarter aquariusWe’re in a week of major cosmic shifts – Saturn turned retrograde on Sunday night (May 11, 12:09am eastern), followed by Venus tonight (May 13, 2:45am) and Jupiter on Thursday (May 14, 10:32am).

As I talked about in my Scorpio Full Moon call, this emphasis on retro planets (for the next several months) indicates potential reversals in circumstances and in our feelings. Retro planets slow momentum and turn our attention inward and toward the past to reflect, review and recalibrate.

In addition to three planets turning retrograde, two planets change signs this week. Mercury, planet of the mind, communication and information, moved into its home sign of Gemini on Monday, May 11, until May 28th.

Mercury is moving quickly and super-strong for the next few weeks, supporting stimulating connections, conversations and the flow of ideas. With Venus retro in Mercury-ruled Gemini, there may be a lot of RE-connections that happen, as well as reviewing past events to gather new data and get a new understanding.

The other notable shift is action planet Mars, which moves from Aquarius to Pisces tonight (May 13, 12:17am). We can best work with Mars in watery Pisces (until June 27th) by going with the flow and relying on our intuition, rather than being willful and trying to push our way forward.

last quarter aquariusIf all that weren’t enough for one week – on Thursday we enter the Last Quarter phase of the lunar cycle, when the Aquarius Moon squares the Taurus Sun (10:03am Eastern at 24 degrees).

The Last Quarter or Waning Half Moon, when the predominance of light gives way to darkness, often marks a turning point. We’re called to complete what we started at the New Moon – or let go of what we’re not going to complete – in order to focus on our priorities.

The Aquarius Moon inspires “outside the box” thinking and connects us with our dreams for the future, while the Taurus Sun encourages practical steps in the here-and-now to manifest our ideals.

Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, and there’s the potential for stubbornness, stuckness, resistance and over-attachment. But the Sun’s harmonious trine to Pluto and Jupiter lends support for making changes to improve our world and tangible progress toward long-term goals.

With the North Node now in Gemini, flexibility, adaptability and considering multiple options and perspectives are key.

– Emily Trinkaus