last quarter aquariusWe’re in a week of major cosmic shifts – Saturn turned retrograde on Sunday night (May 11, 12:09am eastern), followed by Venus tonight (May 13, 2:45am) and Jupiter on Thursday (May 14, 10:32am).

As I talked about in my Scorpio Full Moon call, this emphasis on retro planets (for the next several months) indicates potential reversals in circumstances and in our feelings. Retro planets slow momentum and turn our attention inward and toward the past to reflect, review and recalibrate.

In addition to three planets turning retrograde, two planets change signs this week. Mercury, planet of the mind, communication and information, moved into its home sign of Gemini on Monday, May 11, until May 28th.

Mercury is moving quickly and super-strong for the next few weeks, supporting stimulating connections, conversations and the flow of ideas. With Venus retro in Mercury-ruled Gemini, there may be a lot of RE-connections that happen, as well as reviewing past events to gather new data and get a new understanding.

The other notable shift is action planet Mars, which moves from Aquarius to Pisces tonight (May 13, 12:17am). We can best work with Mars in watery Pisces (until June 27th) by going with the flow and relying on our intuition, rather than being willful and trying to push our way forward.

last quarter aquariusIf all that weren’t enough for one week – on Thursday we enter the Last Quarter phase of the lunar cycle, when the Aquarius Moon squares the Taurus Sun (10:03am Eastern at 24 degrees).

The Last Quarter or Waning Half Moon, when the predominance of light gives way to darkness, often marks a turning point. We’re called to complete what we started at the New Moon – or let go of what we’re not going to complete – in order to focus on our priorities.

The Aquarius Moon inspires “outside the box” thinking and connects us with our dreams for the future, while the Taurus Sun encourages practical steps in the here-and-now to manifest our ideals.

Both Taurus and Aquarius are fixed signs, and there’s the potential for stubbornness, stuckness, resistance and over-attachment. But the Sun’s harmonious trine to Pluto and Jupiter lends support for making changes to improve our world and tangible progress toward long-term goals.

With the North Node now in Gemini, flexibility, adaptability and considering multiple options and perspectives are key.

– Emily Trinkaus